Live from the Coast

15. Aug, 2012

Today at 11 am a fire broke out between Furore and Praiano, the road to Amalfi was blocked. August is the season of fires on the Monti Lattari, that sometimes reach down to the Amalfi coast. When this happens, the only road along the coast is completely blocked, and Amalfi can best be reached by boat. You can read more here at Positano News.

13. Aug, 2012
Fires above the coast and in the Vesuvius National Park

Today the road towards Sorrento had to be closed as a fire broke out. Fires now ravage in Campania, as Rai Tre today announced: La Campania brucia.

4. Aug, 2012

You can view the monthly Sorrentum Magazine online here, in Italian and English. Surrentum is the Roman name of Sorrento. To be consulted not only for tourist questions and attractions, but there are also valuable insights and background information. In addition, on the right hand side of the homepage there is a column with latest news from the Sorrento region.

24. Jun, 2012
La festa dei Gigli

Nola is a small town situated at the foothills of Vesuvius, next to Naples. On 24 June, the festivities of I Gigli are celebrated, reminscent of the legend when Nola was suffering the raids of Vandals, some 2000 years ago and the return of its bishop Paolino. By the way - gigli is Italian for lilies.

24. Jun, 2012
Cielo - Mare - Terra

Do you know that there is a Website documenting the biosphere treasures of the Costiera Amalfitana, divided into cielo (sky - birds!!), sea (fish etc) and terra (land). See for yourself.