4. Jun, 2012

Guess whose boat won at yesterday's Regata

..it was host Amalfi! The Amalfi boat (the blue one) arrived first in Amalfi's harbor after the boat race had started 2000 meters away at Capo Vettica. Venice (the green boat) was second, Pisa (red boat) third, and Genoa (white boat) came in last. The Regata of the Maritime Republics started at 6 pm and was preceded by a procession featuring well-know historic personalities wearing ancient costumes (e.g. the doge di Venezia, and Catarina Cornaro, Venice's legendary queen of Cyprus, were also present). You can watch two videos in the entry of 4 June at Furbizia's blog www.furbiziahs.blogspot.com to immerse yourself into this fabulous event celebrating Mediterranean history that takes place every year, and every forth year in Amalfi. Next year the Regata is scheduled to take place in Pisa, but it remains to be seen whether they will switch with Genoa. Venice won most races, having come in first 30 times since the races started back in 1955.