Life in the Deep South of Italy

8. Jul, 2013

This is the terrace of Gran Hotel Royal, on a very hot July Sunday afternoon. Seen from the much-needed and refreshing shade of the towering quercus ilex - evergreen oaks copse..

10. Mai, 2013

Spring clouds ushering in a spring thunderstorm. This is a spectactular view from Positano's Belvedere della Madonna. You can see the statue of the Madonna, high above the town part named Fornillo. From here, you have a good view of Positano and most of its beaches.

7. Mai, 2013
Spring peas delights - timballo ai piselli primaverili

Peas can be harvested here from the month of March. And there are so many recipes to cook them. Here is one I tried at the Restaurant Da Cataldo, located directly on the beach in Sorrento, at the fishermen village Marina Grande. Follow the link and enjoy !!

6. Mai, 2013

Fragrant cascades in white: If you take a closer look you will detect, in the ancient gardens of Sorrento, the not-so-rare white wisteria blossoms, amidst olive trees and the "normal" purple variant of wisteria.

2. Mai, 2013
Where to view as many beaches in Positano as possible

Positano is surrounded by at least eight beaches, depending where you draw the boundary ... it is mostly beaches made of ciottoli neri - black pebbles and lava particles at times. in this blog dedicated to Positano you will explore the from above, good to learn about their position before you go finally down exploring.